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The Project

Please pay attantion: Due to some

requests we are postponing the deadline

to the 19th of March!

The project will consists the next steps:

1. "I care a lot!" online exhibition which will take place on

May 15th, 2010.

2. Inauguration of the project at Idar-Oberstein University,

Germany, May 18th, 2010. The opening will  take place

during the University annual symposium.

3. Color printed catalogue, limited edition. Estimated date of

publication: June 15th, 2010.

4. Opening of the exhibition at Platina Gallery, Stockholm,

Sweden: September 2nd, 2010. During the exhibition, three

panels of discussion will be held with an interdisciplinary


5. Opening of the exhibition at Articula gallery, Lisbon,

Portugal: November 6th, 2010.

* Information about the exhibition, the website and the catalogue

will be send and distribute to the relevant places (artist, galleries,

museums websites and press).

* Participants will be informed at least one month in advance

about required submission of their actual finished work for an

exhibition. Instructions on sending the finished work will be

sent to each participant via email.


Applying for the exhibition is open to all visual arts

professionals and students from all countries.

Guidelines to Submission

1. Deadline for submitting photographs and registration forms

is March 15th, 2010.

2. Final results will be announced on May 5th, emails will be

sent out to each of the participants.

3. Each artist may submit up to two pieces of works.

4. Three digital files are to be submitted for each piece of work

(each depicting different angels or details from close up) on

a white surface and background.

5. Format requirements: digital files should be TIF or JPG,

300 dpi, in RGB, size: 165 x 110 mm, landscape.

6. Participants should submit files that are saved under the

participants family name followed by the image number

(i.e.: Smith1.TIF).

7. Participants that choose to submit a second piece of work,

should save the second group of files under the participants

family name followed by his/her first name

(i.e.: Smith Jhon1.TIF).

8. Each piece of work, should include three attached photos,

entry form and description form and to be send in one email

to icarealot.me@gmail.com, please note that it might take

time to send the files, you can also try to send them via


Download PDF Entry Form

Or Download Word Entry Form

Download PDF Description Form

Or Download Word Description Form


Participants retain full ownership of their entry.

Every participant is granted and guaranteed the right to be

credited every time their entry is published or displayed.



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